Events come in many forms. They can be organised in all kinds of ways. Choose, for example, a decor that contains hundreds of mirrors, authentic and completely matching the atmosphere.

At Van Rosmalen, you can opt for various spiegeltents. Our spiegeltents can be used for many types of events or special occasions.
For example, a birthday party, wedding anniversary or corporate events are great occasions to hire one of our event tents.

We are guided by your wishes. This way we can find the right tent for any event.

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Events in a spiegeltent: unique experience

Determining which tent is appropriate

We have a broad assortment of spiegeltents. For example, our Aurora and De Parel Van Vuren. Please let us know what kind of party or event you are organising. A small outdoor party, like a garden party, or a big festival: our spiegeltents are always the right choice.

Also, it is important to know how many guests are (approximately) expected to attend the event. Then, we can determine together which spiegeltent is most suitable for your event.

Because of the wide range possible events, we coordinate the choice for a spiegeltent with you. This way we can rest assured that the success of the event will not be down to the choice of tent! The right spiegeltent will be the perfect solution for the location of your event.

Rent An Event Tent - Fortuna
26m DIAMETER / 1100 Guests / art nouveau
Rent An Event Tent - Magic Mirror
26m DIAMETER / 1100 Guests / jugendstil
Rent An Event Tent - Aurora
24m DIAMETER / 800 Guests / art deco
Rent An Event Tent - Paradiso
24m DIAMETER / 800 Guests / jugendstil
Rent an event tent - Salon Perdu
20m DIAMETER / 550 Guests / art deco
Rent An Event Tent - Idolize
19m DIAMETER / 450 Guests / Baroque


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Rent an event tent - Overzicht Lamp
Rent An Event Tent - Romantiek
18m DIAMETER / 350 Guests / art deco
Rent An Event Tent - de Parel van Vuren
18m DIAMETER / 350 Guests / jugendstil
Rent an event tent - Deluxe
15m DIAMETER / 225 Guests / jugendstil

The interior of the tent

The interior of the tent is always very important. Of course, there are countless possibilities for organizing an event. For this reason, we offer you the option to adjust the interior entirely to your own liking. We provide the spiegeltent, you determine the design. We also adapt the theme of the spiegeltent to the theme of the event.

An explosion of colours, festival vibes with dance floors, a romantic setting or something else? We’ll make it work! That is why we would be happy to discuss your wishes together.


It’s good to know why our spiegeltents are the right choice for your event:

– You can determine the location of the tent yourself
– The number of people can vary
– Van Rosmalen can advise you on details
– We offer various extras
– Our great service surpasses rental

Spiegeltent as an event tent

People have been enjoying the magnificent mirror tents as event tents for over a century. Mirror tents have been around for quite some time. Therefore, different styles have been developed over the years. This results in a lot of variety and unique differences.

In the past, mirror tents were made by craftsmen who had a great sense of art and an eye for detail. Original spiegeltents have polished mirrors, high quality canvases and a beautiful appearance. We only have original spiegeltents in our collection, with no concessions made in terms of quality. We are very proud of this given! Van Rosmalen is your unique marquee hire.


Curious about how you can use the Spiegeltent as a tent for your event? Or do you want our advice regarding the interior? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will discuss the possibilities with you, answer your questions and will always provide you with a professional service.

Van Rosmalen Spiegeltenten

Van Rosmalen is specialized in transporting and building magical palaces. Each tent has a different size and ambience, so there is always one that is perfectly suited for your party or event. We are active all over the world, from Stockholm to New York and from Barcelona to Sydney.

We own some of the most splendid spiegeltents. Perfect for festivals, parties, theatre shows, weddings and also small private parties. All our tents have been lovingly restored and adapted to modern safety and other requirements. Van Rosmalen is your reliable spiegel tent rental.

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