19m diameter / 450 guests / Baroque

Tales get about she was found in an old railway station, spitirless and forgotten. The truth is she was found, restored and loved by her new owners. The Idolize is the most lavishly decorated spiegeltent ever made. Outside and in, this spiegeltent is unique.

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Idolize Spiegeltent

What started as a piece of art, ended as a living legend. The story of the Idolize Spiegeltent is one filled with love and passion. Two artists in love created a spiegeltent, immediately being their greatest piece of art.

It was their dream to share their love of art with the rest of the world using the spiegeltent. The idea was beautiful, the reality a lot harder than they thought. They ran out of money, and so this beautiful story threatened to come to an early end… Until her new owners found out about this remarkable story. They didn’t hesitate for one minute, contacted the artists, and helped them finish this amazing project. The artists lived their dream for the first couple of years, but decided to move on a few years later. Leaving their spiegeltent as a symbol of love and art.
Nowadays she travels the world, and keeps on amazing people. It is all a matter of taste, but this spiegeltent keeps being fascinating for hours. Imagine your event in a surrounding that is this beautiful.

The status of living legend is well earned. The Idolize Spiegeltent has been around for a long time, and is world renown. Recently she has visited Perth and Singapore, but she is already back where she feels most at home: Europe. Interested in our Idolize Spiegeltent? Be sure to visit our spiegeltent hire page.

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