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For a long while, it was uncommon for events to hire their own spiegeltent. Originally, the first spiegeltent operators travelled from city to city. The operators earned their income by charging their guests, who were dancing to the music of a dance organ. After awhile, it became more common for the operators to hire out their spiegeltent.

When one of the guests decided he wanted to enjoy a dance, so-called ‘dance money’ was charged to them by the operators. Other than this, liquor provided the operators with a steady source of income. After awhile it became more popular amongst spiegeltent operators to only hire out the spiegeltent. That way, customers themselves could decide on the activities to organise in the spiegeltent. By hiring out their spiegeltent, the spiegeltent operator was no longer at risk of a big loss. It became very popular amongst artists and theatre producers to hire a spiegeltent.




By hiring out their spiegeltent, the owners of the spiegeltent changed their business model and were no longer forced to charge the guests ‘dance money’. Nowadays it is a common practice amongst spiegeltent operators to only hire out their spiegeltent. Varying from huge, global theatre shows to small village festivals, almost anyone has the ability hire a spiegeltent.

Though the awareness of the spiegeltent is growing among the general public, these unique tents have earned their fame in the theatre and festival scene. A spiegeltent can also ensure that your special day becomes even more special, and therefore offers the ultimate solution for your wedding. Our spiegeltents are waiting for you to discover how marvellous they are. Discover the perfect spiegeltent to hire for your event!

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