Festival tent hire: Spiegeltent


A festival has many different aspects. For example the music style, the audience, the entertainment, food and drink options and programming. Naturally, you want to organise this as well as possible. Location plays an important role in this. A festival offers many possibilities.

We offer spiegeltents, perfectly suited as festival tents. A festival often has its own theme and our spiegeltents do as well!

Thanks to our large collection of festival marquees, we will always find a suitable tent for your festival. We are happy to discuss your wishes together. You can rent a unique festival tent at Van Rosmalen.

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Festival Tent Hire - Roos


In addition to the fact that a Spiegeltent offers a special experience, it is also important to provide the chosen spiegeltent with a fitting interior. All factors play a part in this. Each music style and audience probably requires a different theme for the tent. Matching these factors with the interior is therefore of great importance.


Our spiegeltents are all unique and have their own personalities, styles and names. Unfortunately, very few original versions of these legendary tents have been preserved.

That is why we are particularly proud of our wide and varied collection of spiegeltents. Our tents have been used at the most unique music festivals around the world, witnessing the greatest musicians and artists.

Each spiegeltent creates an enchanting and unique atmosphere in its own way. Due to the long history of all our spiegeltents, they always offer a special location for your guests. Regardless of the type of festival you’re organising.

The spiegeltents in our range all have a different style and offer an unique atmosphere. They also vary in size and thus in the number of people they can accommodate. Take a look, for example, at the spiegeltent Deluxe or Magic Mirror. Within the possibilities, we choose a suitable tent for the festival.

At Van Rosmalen, you can rent a unique and authentic festival tent. Regardlesss of your choice, an avid festival goer will be thrilled by seeing such an unique festival tent.

Festival Tent Hire - Spiegeltent Fortuna
26m DIAMETER / 1100 Guests / art nouveau
Festival Tent Hire - Spiegeltent Magic Mirror
26m DIAMETER / 1100 Guests / jugendstil
Festival Tent Hire - Spiegeltent Aurora
24m DIAMETER / 800 Guests / art deco
Festival Tent Hire - Paradiso
24m DIAMETER / 800 Guests / jugendstil
Festival Tent Hire - Salon Perdu
20m DIAMETER / 550 Guests / art deco
Festival Tent Hire - Spiegeltent Idolize
19m DIAMETER / 450 Guests / Baroque


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Festival Tent Hire - Overzicht Lamp
Festival Tent Hire - Romantiek
18m DIAMETER / 350 Guests / art deco
Festival Tent Hire - Spiegeltent de Parel van Vuren
18m DIAMETER / 350 Guests / jugendstil
Festival Tent Hire - Spiegeltent Deluxe
15m DIAMETER / 225 Guests / jugendstil


Of course you want the spiegeltent you have chosen for a festival to suit the festival as well as possible. Including the layout and design. That is why we offer you the possibility to adjust the interior of the tent completely to your own liking. In other words, you can design the tent yourselves. We provide the spiegeltent, you determine the rest. We are happy to help you come up with ideas.

Our tents are also perfect for wedding festivals and corporate events.


We have listed the advantages of our spiegeltents for the festival.

– You can determine the location for the spiegeltent
– We take care of the entire set-up of the tent
– The required service is included
– Van Rosmalen has a lot of experience
– We want you to be completely satisfied


Would you like to receive more information on our spiegeltents? Or the many different possibilities we have on offer for your festival? The spiegeltent experts will be pleased to help you with personal advice.

Furthermore, we offer a free quote without any obligations. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We discuss the possibilities, answer your questions and are always at your service.

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or call +31 (0)345 633 336