15m Diameter / 225 guests / jugendstil

The Deluxe Spiegeltent may be the smallest within our collection, it compensates with its greatness in atmosphere. Its unique design creates an exceptional cozy feel around the dance floor, your guests will never be far from the action. The chandeliers, and beautifully decorated dance floor create the finishing touch.

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Deluxe Spiegeltent

The Deluxe Spiegeltent is one of the smallest spiegeltents in existence. Specially created for more intimate events or weddings. Where bigger spiegeltents are often too massive (or too expensive), the Deluxe offers a solution. Since the first row of pillars is missing, the booths are directly next to the dancefloor. Your guests have no other option than to show off their dancing skills.

In the world of spiegeltents smaller doesn’t mean simpler, quite the contrary. The strength of the Deluxe is based in the details. The whole spiegeltent creates a warm vibe, and a luxurious atmosphere from 75 up to 250 persons. Smaller also means that we are able to construct the spiegeltent at places others can’t. We will gladly build at your private birthday, wedding, or other occasion. Don’t hesitate to ask.

Despite her size, the Deluxe Spiegeltent is capable of doing great things. This is proven by the many references. For instance you could have seen the Deluxe at Adelaide Fringe, the Norwegian Literature Festival, and many other places. Interested in our Deluxe Spiegeltent? Be sure to visit our spiegeltent hire page.

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