Once upon a time…

Rob van Rosmalen had been on a lifelong mission to make the world a little bit more beautiful. Being part of new events centered around beauty, friendship and romance. Everyone with a hint of nostalgia. As he owned several unique marquees, he stumbled upon the spiegeltent.

He immediately realized that this was the ultimate queen amongst marquees, and would be the perfect way to spread beauty around the world; by renting out this spiegeltent. Now, many years later, the company has a great reputation around the world, still centered around the same ideals.


The men behind the scenes

Rob van Rosmalen

The name Van Rosmalen is an established name within the world of spiegeltents, and for good reason.
Rob van Rosmalen is the spirit behind the company in current form. An entrepreneur to the core with a lot of passion and love for the craft. Rob has built the company from a small business to a world renown sight at festivals and events. The company may have grown, but some things never change. He still holds on to the same principals he had in the beginning, and continues his lifework. Within the company and many new projects.

Bart van Rosmalen

Bart is the undisputed team leader of the company.
For many years he has been involved in the build, maintenance, and placing of the spiegeltents and has a world of experience. A few people alive today know more about spiegeltents. From the moment we crossed the border, until the first time intercontinental, Bart has seen it all.

Daan & Thijs Visser

The new generation is ready to take over. Daan Visser is a familiair face for most of our regular clients, and will continue travelling the world alongside our spiegeltents.